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Ohio Hearing Professionals
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If you suspect you are experiencing hearing loss, consider these questions:

             *Do you have to look directly at people to understand conversation?

             *Do your family members complain that you need to turn the television                              volume down?

                *Do you have trouble hearing in Church, restaurants, or in a group of                                    people?

If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions above, schedule your FREE hearing evaluation today.
What can you expect at your hearing evaluation:

The purpose of the initial visit is to determine if you have a hearing loss and to what degree. First we assess your hearing history, we'll visually inspect your ears to rule out wax or infection and perform a hearing evaluation.

The hearing evaluation will determine whether you have a hearing loss, and what type. If hearing instruments are the solution for you, we will help you choose one that fits your hearing loss, lifestyle, design preference and budget.

Here at Ohio Hearing Professionals we offer both custom"In the ear" and "behind the ear" hearing devices, manufactured by Unitron™ and also Oticon ™. We also offer service to most brands. 
There are many different technology levels that help you to listen in on anything, from a dinner out, to a business meeting, Kids/Grandchildren, telephone conversations, or even a coffee date with friends. Our hearing devices also come in many different colors that you are able to choose from to make them as unique as you!

Our unique services:
* Any-time cleaning and adjustments
*Repairs on all makes of hearing aids.
*Top-quality hearing aids and assistive listening devices.
*30-day trial period 100% money back guarentee.
* Flex-trials- Try before you buy

You're not alone
If you're suffering with an untreated hearing loss, you may feel isolated and frustrated , like you're missing out on life. It's important to know you are not alone. Approximately 1 in 10 people experience some degree of hearing loss. Happily, about 90% can be helped with the use of hearing instruments.*

*Text taken courtesy Unitron ™