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What to Expect
Vision Services
Our pretesting consists of color deficiency and stereopsis (depth perception) screening. The doctor will perform a refraction, this is how he obtains your prescription, check eye pressure and exam the internal structure of the eye. 

For our patients on Medicare - Medicare will NOT cover the refraction portion of the eye exam. The professional fee for this service is $40.00 and is due at time of service. 
Our comprehensive eye exams will check not only  your prescriptions, but also the health of your eye. Our doctor will look for signs of any eye diseases and even systemic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol. 

We accept many insurance plans including Eye Med, Spectera, Davis Vision and Superior Vision If you have a question about your insurance please feel free to contact our office.
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In addition to an extensive dress eye wear optical gallery we also feature an extensive selection of safety eye wear.